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California Capitol Air Show comes to an end

The Blue Angels finished off the California Capitol Airshow with a beautiful finale. Rain or shine thousands of people attended the Mather Airport event.

There were several acts during the two day event.The Blue Angels were popular but another crowd favorite was the B29. This WW2 plane is the only operational one in the world at this time.

Other planes were parked on display. The C5-Galaxy is the biggest US military cargo plane. The crew had opened it up for the crowd to walk through. The storage area is large enough to fit six Greyhound buses or 5.8 million ping pong balls. Major Paul Cameron was the aircraft commander for the C5.

“Because it is a cargo carrier it is taking anything and everything all around world, wherever the Air Force needs to move, so we move Army stuff, Marine Corps stuff, you know a lot down range missions and a lot of humanitarian assistance as well,” Cameron said.

As the planes flew overhead some wonder what it would be like to get inside. Ethan Lipsiee is eleven years old and attended with his grandpa. He loves the Blue Angels but is terrified of ever getting in the plane.

“The adrenaline would be so fun to do but I would throw up like crazy,” Lipisee said.

This event happens every year and the officials do not have a total number of attendees. For more information click here.