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Changes for Blue Angels performance means new sights, sounds

This year, the U.S. Navy Blue Angels are moving their show 3,000 feet south and east of last year’s location.

For many families and thrill seekers the Blue Angels are a highlight of Seattle Seafair weekend.

“I love the speed of them, how they maneuver. I love the fact it’s America. They invented this stuff,” said Ed Flory of Lynnwood.

The Blue Angels were flying a bit lower today because of the cloudy skies. But they still delivered a dynamic, full-fledged, high-powered show.

“We usually go to south end of Lake Washington — Rainier Valley area on the lake,” said Michelle McIntyre, who’s watching the Blue Angels today from Mercer Island’s Aubrey Davis Park.

Wherever people watched the show Friday, there were some big changes.

The Blue Angels flight area over Lake Washington shifted a bit south.

“It’s going to change the air show or people watching on the north end. As well as people watching on the south end,” said Sgt Brian Noel with Mercer Island Police Department.

The FAA requires a safety zone around and below the area where the Blue Angels perform. That area is called the “flight box.”

This year for the first time ever, the I-90 floating bridge remained open during the Blue Angles show.

Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to get across the bridge’s pathway during the show, but not stop.

And for drivers, police and troopers say they’re keeping a close eye to make sure there’s no trouble.

“Don’t let the distractions cause any accidents,” said Noel. “Try to keep eyes on the road and focused in front of you and know, yes, there is a F-18 flying a few hundred feet over you.”

People who came out to watch the Blue Angels at east portal viewpoint said it seemed like the planes were further away, the planes were a lot quieter and there was more traffic noise. With all the changes, organizers say the best place to see everything is by Seward Park.

The Blue Angels will perform again Saturday and Sunday from 3 to 4 p.m.