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Chef John Besh flies with the Blue Angels

NEW ORLEANS– With the New Orleans Airshow in town this weekend, we got a chance to tag along with Chef John Besh and his once in a lifetime opportunity to fly with the Blue Angels.

Besh told us, “This is definitely a dream come true. I’ve been a huge Blue Angels fan my entire life. I’ve been coming here ever since I could walk, following the Blue Angels whenever they would come to town.”

Chef John Besh inside Blue Angels F-18 #7 (April 21, 2017 WGNO-TV)

No one just jumps in one of these multi-million dollar supercharged F-18’s without some knowledge of what goes on up there, so Chef Besh got the standard briefing from the Blue Angels #7 crew chief.

And once donning the jumpsuit, Besh was ready to fly.  At the controls is Lt. Brandon Hempler,  who was ready to take the celebrity chef up,”We’re so excited to be here, and it is quite an experience. It’s an honor to fly people like Mr. Besh is great.”

Blue Angels #7 pilot Lt. Brandon Hempler (April 21, 2017 WGNO-TV)


The rumble of the engines alone gets you excited, but Besh told us it was nothing like being in the cockpit for the flight.

Besh says, “Indescribable, the whole idea of it. I’ve never experienced zero G’s before. or negative G’s rather. To have all these different experiences the lieutenant is walking me through every step of the way of what we were doing. Just gives me so much respect for these men and women who are flying and patrolling, and working and doing this. Pushing their bodies, and how they’re able to still communicate and operate these aircraft is just amazing”

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