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Danville native helps lead Blue Angel 7 into Lynchburg

LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) – Blue Angel 7 landed in Lynchburg on Wednesday.
Its arrival was part of an emotional day for Donna Wilbourne.

Her son Josh is the crew chief for the jet and this was the first time she has watched him fly a Blue Angel.

“To see him land in a F-18 close up is amazing,” she said.

Flying with the Blue Angels been a dream come true for the Danville
native. He joined the Navy and later became a part of the Blue Angels

“Definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said Josh. “This job
is unique in itself, but to be able to come here and be greeted by my
mother is a once in a lifetime opportunity”.

As crew chief, Wilbourne conducts pre and post-flight inspections.
He’s also responsible for briefing Blue Angel 7 riders. He said the jet
can fly safely at speeds of close to 700 mph and up to 30,000 feet in
the air. While flying above the clouds may be a big enough challenge for
others. Wilbourne said he plans to keep reaching higher.

“This is a dream job. It’s really hard to top this, but you just have to reach for new boundaries,” he said.

The Blue Angels are taking part in the Lynchburg Regional Airshow, which takes place from May 21-22.

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