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Day Two of Duluth Airshow Brings in People From All Across the Country

It was a weekend to remember for many who attended this year’s Duluth Airshow. Throughout the weekend, there were numerous performers, headlined by the Blue Angels.

People came from all over the country to see them and the other performers.

The Blue Angels capped off a weekend of eye-popping performances at this year’s Duluth Airshow, but they weren’t the only performers that caught the attention of those in attendance.

“Everything we’ve seen so far we’ve been like “wow,” said Brian Horbal of Apple Valley. “The F-16’s were fantastic. That’s really cool. We saw them taking off straight up in the air on our way in here, and we were just blown away by that,” he said.

Shockwave, the truck. That was awesome. The semi truck with the flames,” said Esko community member Carla McCullough when asked what she was most impressed by. Did we like that one? Carla asked her son, Axel, who responded, yeah.”

People from near and far came to capture the sights and sounds of the airshow.

“This is a great excuse to come up, spend time with family, and see a great event,” said Gene Dickison of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

But in addition to the entertainment, it also takes Dickison back to his days in the Air Force.

“I flew Air Force for 5.5 years many many many years ago,” said Dickison. “I flew F-4 Phantoms. The folks, as soon as we walked in, they had the vipers up, really impressive. Gets your heart racing one more time,” he said.

And while he likes seeing the performances, Dickison will tell you that isn’t his favorite part of the event.

“Just the fact that so many people here are proud of America, and proud of the military, and proud of the folks who serve us. That’s the part I like the best,” said Dickison.

Because their service is the reason we enjoy the freedoms we do today.

It was announced on Sunday that next year’s show will be held on July 18 and 19 when the United States Air Force Thunderbirds will be the headline performer.