Blue Angels Schedule

Facing a wild gray yonder, Blue Angels cancel Saturday routine, but others perform at Lincoln air show

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Amid Saturday’s smoke, a C-130T Hercules checks weather conditions for the Blue Angels during the Guardians of Freedom Air Show in Lincoln. The conditions canceled the Blue Angels’ Saturday performance, but the team is set to return Sunday as the air show continues at the Lincoln Airpark.

Still, some parts of the air show were able to take place, which spectators watched at the airpark.

Doug Roth performed aerial stunts in a Staudacher. Manfred Radius took flight in a white sailplane, which he maneuvered into huge loops.

Back on the ground, Doug Gappa and his grandson Jack Shetler admired a Boeing CH-47 Chinook, and the Wall of Fire lit up the runway.

Luyen Nguyen and her daughter Tessy Dao, 4, admired some of the stunt pilots soaring above them.

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