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‘Fat Albert’ C130 plane showcased at Los Angeles County Air Show

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Blue Angels pilots demonstrated aerial tactical moves aboard a military transport plane affectionately called ‘Fat Albert’ at an air show over the weekend.

When Fat Albert isn’t flying in air shows, the C130 transports cargo and maintenance personnel to the F18s.

Albert and other planes strutted their stuff at the Los Angeles County
Air Show over the weekend at General William J. Fox Airfield in

The maneuvers pulled off at the airshow are the same ones that are used when in a hostile environment.

C130 pilots are trained to do exactly what we did today. Those
maneuvers are tactical maneuvers in order to evade radar or evade enemy
aircraft or enemy fire,” said Maj. Mark Hamilton with the Blue Angels.

One of those pilots is Capt. Katie Higgins – the first female Blue Angel.

been a wonderful experience to talk to little girls and little boys and
show them that anyone can do whatever they put their minds to,” Higgins

A third generation military aviator, Higgins has earned her place in the cockpit and the respect of many.

an amazing pilot,” said Gunner Stephen Stewart with the Blue Angels.
“There’s no difference, honestly. She’s a great pilot. Strong woman.”

L.A. County Air Show is certainly a sight to see, but members of the
Blue Angels say they aim to do more than just entertain.

With each tightly executed maneuver, they honor the skills, precision and the sacrifice of all who serve our country.

“Some of these cities that we go to never see military members. We want to give them exposure to that,” Stewart said.

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