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Military Matters: Retired Blue Angel Restored to Glory

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KINGSVILLE – We’ve been talking about the Wings Over South Texas airshow all weekend long but one part we never mentioned the entrance. Guests were greeted by a new symbol this weekend a retired Blue Angels aircraft.

In this week’s Military Matters, 3 News anchor John-Thomas Kobos shows us how the community came together to restore the aircraft back to its original glory.

Six days of hard work, sweat and dedication have gone into making this nearly decade old retired Blue Angel aircraft the sight to see on N.A.S. Kingsville. Commander Eddie Whitley is the operations officer on base. He says the years have been rough on this F-18 Hornet.

“With the sun it gets damaged. The paint fades. So we’re giving it a little facelift.” Whitley, along with his civilian Attached Forrest Patton, reached out for volunteers on base, the community and looked to Sherwin Williams for help with the paint.

50 percent of all carrier aviation pilots in the U.S. train on base. Whitley and his staff say they are proud of the hard work put into this plane.

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