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Northwest Lincoln residents enjoy the show while Blue Angels practice

Lincoln, NE (KOLN) — You would think living near the airport would be noisy, but Thomas & Brigitte Surreal who live near NW 48th St and West Huntington Ave. don’t think so.

“Actually it’s quiet, it’s not that bad out here near the airport, we enjoy standing out here all day long and just watching,” says Thomas.

With the Blue Angels in town for the Guardians of Freedom Airshow though, the volume has gotten turned up.

“It’s been a lot more active,” says Brigitte Surreal. “It’s been louder, but exciting because I get to watch it when I’m home,” adds Natalie Sokolik, who also lives in the same neighborhood.

The noise doesn’t bother them though. In fact, they enjoy it.

“It doesn’t bother me whatsoever, I actually enjoy the noise,” says Thomas Surreal. Natalie Sokolik adds, “I was military, so I kind of like the noise.”

For Natalie, Brigitte, and Thomas, they don’t have to worry about getting good seats or a good parking spot for this weekends Guardians of Freedom Airshow, they already have front row seats at their houses just a few blocks away from where the airshow will take place.

Brigitte and Thomas say they’ll be out all weekend long with their granddaughter Bayla. And for Natalie, she says she’ll be grilling and having a good time with friends on the patio that overlooks Air Park.

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