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Pilot killed in Blue Angels crash in Tennessee

An official in Tennessee says a pilot was killed when his Blue Angels
fighter jet crashed, but no civilians were hurt on the ground.

Harry Gill, the town manager in Smyrna just outside Nashville, said
Thursday that the pilot was the only casualty. Some power outages were
caused by the crash, but no civilians were hurt.

A U.S. official says the pilot was identified as Marine Capt. Jeff
Kuss. The official was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and
spoke on condition of anonymity.

Kuss was one of the Blue Angels that appeared in Rochester during the
air show last year. Months before, the show, Kuss also appeared at press
conference to promote the Blue Angels appearance.

We spoke with him at
that press conference. He gave us an inspiring message about the Blue

“We’re trying to spread that message of go out and be great and
work hard and have fun at life, but also serve your community. Whether
it be through public office or joining the military — there are many
great options in all of the branches things that could.”

The Navy says the pilot was beginning to take off during an afternoon
practice session when the crash happened. Five other F/A-18 jets landed
safely moments later.

The elite acrobatics team was scheduled to perform at an air show this weekend.

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