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San Francisco Set to Ban Navy Blue Angels Flyovers

While the America mourns an ISIS-inspired terrorist attack, San
Francisco’s supervisors are on the verge of banning flyovers by the
world-famous “Blue Angels.”

Since the celebrated U.S. Navy-Marine Corps aerial acrobatic team was
formed in 1946 to demonstrate precision flying, the Blue Angels have
thrilled over 260 million spectators at air shows across the nation.

Each October during San Francisco Fleet Week,
over 100,000 visitors turn out at Pier 39 for 7 days of festivities to
celebrate America’s Armed Services. All proceeds from the events go to
charities that support Navy and Marine families.

The high point of the Fleet Week celebration each year and the
biggest fund raiser is the sale of VIP seats for the three afternoon air
shows that feature the Blue Angels performing daring overhead tricks to
the crowd’s joy and amazement.
Fleet Week 2016 has scheduled the phenomenal special attraction for
its October 7-9 air shows. The Blue Angels will be flying with the
French Breitling Jet Team, which will be making their first ever Bay Area appearance.

But San Francisco County Supervisor John Avalos describes Blue Angel planes as “killing machines.” He told the San Francisco Chronicle
they are no longer welcome because, “It’s about the terror that they
cause in people when they strafe [sic] the neighborhoods.” Adding,
“That’s something I hear about all the time when the Blue Angels fly

He tweeted,
“Thousands of us in the Civic Center Plaza staring up, gawking as the
Blue Angels strafe San Francisco and flip us the bird.” He added: “War
planes r flying at low altitudes over SF, reminding me of the $580B for
US imperialism & the pittance 4 climate and human development.”

Supervisor Avalos also tweeted that the Navy jets “more than anything
just maintain U.S. power ‘uber alles’.” Avalos knows that “uber alles”
is the German term for “over all” and that Deutschland Uber Alles was the World War II anthem of Nazi Germany.

Avalos tried and failed last year to persuade his other San Francisco
Supervisors to pass a nonbinding resolution criticizing the Blue

But Supervisor Eric Mar, who voted against the measure last year, told the Chronicle
that he supports the attempted ban this year. He claims that after a
Blue Angels plane crashed at a Tennessee air show earlier this year, the
“potential dangers” outweigh the benefits. Mar added that the Blue
Angels go against “the values of peace that San Francisco stands for.” He added, “They promote militarism, and I don’t think a city like ours should be promoting that.”

Supervisor Aaron Peskin said he still supports the air shows as “a
huge economic boon to District Three every year, and the majority of my
constituents like it.”

The Chronicle reported that Board President London Breed
said she would wait for the results of the investigation into the
Tennessee crash before deciding how to vote on the proposed ban.

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