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Smoky Mountain Air Show organizers started planning 2 years in advance

Organizers said there are a lot of moving parts for the first air show at McGhee Tyson Airport in 16 years.

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Blue Angels performing

ALCOA (WATE) – It’s been over sixteen years since the last Knoxville air show.

If the air show had been going on year-after-year, the process would be “well oiled,” so there’s a lot of starting from scratch for the organizers. Jennifer Giffen, Smokey Mountain Air Show Coordinator said they actually started planning for the show over two years ago.
“In the summer of 2014 we applied for the Blue Angels and that’s the first step in the air show process is to apply for the Blue Angels or for the military demonstration team of your choice,” said Giffen. She said she didn’t find out they were coming until December 2014.

Once the Blue Angels were secured for the show, Giffen said they started working on securing other acts. It took three months to finalize all of the acts and announce them to the public.

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“There are so many moving parts and pieces to the air show, it is unreal the things you have to think about when planning,” said Giffen.

Organizers have to worry about everything from restrooms, food to security. Since parking isn’t allowed on the air bus, Giffen said parking needed a lot of coordinating. The air show will have two entrances for the general public during the air show.

While the air space around the air show will be restricted, commercial flights will still be coming and going from McGhee Tyson Airport. “We have hired a professional air boss and he has helped us coordinate during the day when there are times when there are no commercial flights, those are when the air performances will be going on for the air show,” said Giffen.

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