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Strong Airshow Line-Up Brings Potential Record Crowd

The 2019 Duluth Airshow, presented by St. Luke’s concluded Sunday and was another successful show. An ideal weekend of weather brought in an estimated crowd of approximately 65,000 over the two days of the event.

“We’re thrilled with the outcome of the 2019 show,” said Duluth Airshow President, Ryan Kern. “The weather really cooperated, and we had one of our strongest airshow performance line-ups ever.” Kern credits the string line-up, and cooperative weather, for what could prove to be record Duluth Airshow attendance once final numbers are determined.

Roughly 40,000 attended on Saturday, with another 25,000 attending on Sunday. The larger Saturday attendance was not unusual.

“Historically, we have almost twice the attendance on Saturday versus Sunday,” said Airshow Spokesperson Roger Reinert. “It’s the nature of the weekend rhythm, and our visitor’s travel plans.” He said his top insider tip for locals is to attend on Sunday. “A smaller crowd and less traffic make for an even more enjoyable airshow experience.”

Kern said attendance this year surpassed 2018 and should be on par with 2014.

“2014 was a record year”, said Kern. “2019 has potential to be even larger. The crowd on Saturday exceeded our projections, and Sunday was larger than expected as well.” Kern added that official number won’t be known for 1-2 weeks when all the various ticket outlet sales reports are compiled.

Highlights of the 2019 show included the F-35 Lightening, the first time many in attendance had viewed in-person the newest plane in the Air Force’s inventory. The Blue Angels were able to do their “high show” on both days,and Sunday’s show included a demo by a United States Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt– the first many Airshow attendees had seen one of these in flight.

The Duluth Airshow, presented by St. Luke’s was held July 20 th and 21st at the Duluth International Airport. Scheduled acts included the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, USAF F-35 Lightening, performer Jerry Conley, performer Michael Goulian, the B-17 “Yankee Lady”, and several other aerial performers and static displays. The Duluth-based ANG 148 th Fighter Wing also participated flying their F-16s.

The Duluth Airshow will next take to the skies in 2020 with the United States Air Force’s Thunderbirds as the feature act. The show is will take place July 18-19, 2020. Premium VIP tickets will go on sale later this year for the 2020 show.

For more information on the Duluth Airshow visit duluthairshow.com.