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Two CNY educators are going up with The Blue Angels

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Michael Benny goes airborne on June 8th!
Michael Benny goes airborne on June 8th!

SYRACUSE — Weeks after announcing that CBS5’s Michael Benny was chosen to take a test ride with The Navy’s Blue Angels stunt pilots, the daredevil aviators announce their picks for a special program that invites people who impact children to take a ride too.

The Navy’s “Key Influencer” program invites people who have great influence over the lives of young people to take a ride in an F-18 jet.

The rides are set to take place Wednesday, June 8, ahead of the Syracuse Air Show June 11 and 12 at Hancock Airport.

Tolga Hayali, the Superintendent of Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School and Utica Academy of Science Charter School has been selected. “I am flattered and extremely honored to have been selected as a primary Key Influencer rider by The Blue Angels,” Hayali said in a prepared news release announcing the selections. “I want to thank all of the dedicated and passionate staff who works and have worked at Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School to make the school such a great positive conducive learning environment for inner city Syracuse children,” Hayali said.

Rebecca Loy, a Special Education Teacher in the ESM School District, has also been selected for the “Key Influencer” ride. “I’m excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity to fly with the Blue Angels. I hope to further inspire students and adults to follow their dreams, be passionate about their choices in life and make a difference in the world. I’m honored to be chosen and I can’t wait to take off,” Loy said.

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