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Weather rains on planned Blue Angels flyover of Huntington Beach

Lt. Brandon Hempler, pilot of the Blue Angels No.7 F/A-18 Hornet fighter plane, checks cockpit after landing in Long Beach Thursday after a planned flight along the shore in Huntington Beach was short-circuited by inclement weather.

A planned flyover of Huntington Beach Thursday by one of the famed Blue Angels F/A-18 Hornets turned out to be all wet.

At least that was how it turned out for residents, who came to the beach and pier areas to see the fighter plane, which was scheduled to review the site for the second Breitling Huntington Beach Airshow on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1.

Because of the inclement weather, the Navy scrapped test runs along the shoreline by the pier, although they did technically “fly over” the city on the way to Long Beach, where it landed for the day.

Lts. Brandon Hempler and David Steppe flew in from their winter base in El Centro in the No. 7 plane to scout the site for the airshow. Because of the weather they were unable to do a visual inspection, but instead went over technical and safety data.

Organizers said there would be no rescheduled flyby and the pilots would return to their winter base to train until their season-opening show in El Centro on March 11.

The cancellation gave the blues to those who had hoped for a demonstration similar to that of the Air Force Thunderbirds, who made several passes along the shore last year in advance of the inaugural air show.

“I am at Huntington Beach drenched in rain,” one spectator wrote in an e-mail about 10 a.m., after determining the plane was a no-show.

The pilots did stop in Long Beach, where they met briefly with press and posed with three City Council members from Huntington Beach.

“To see the jet up close is remarkable,” said Mayor Barbara Delgleize.

Last year, she was invited to fly in one of the Air Force F-16 Vipers and declined, but she said her resolve is weakening.

“If someone asked me more than once, maybe,” she said.

Hempler said he was looking forward to flying over the Huntington Beach area in the fall.

In his first year with the demonstration flying team, Hemper said “The Blues is just icing on the cake for flying in the Navy.”

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