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‘What Costs $72,000 an Hour Just to Entertain Some San Diegans?’

What does cost $72,000 an hour just to entertain your fellow San Diegoans?

What “glorifies” with exciting and colorful shows of speed, power and noise?

What celebrates the skills and machinery that were developed with the prime purpose of kill, maim and destroy?

How many “performers” have been killed in accidents during their performances?

What spews exhaust into the environment, and costs millions of dollars to fuel for the show?

What serves as a misleading recruiting tool for our youth, often glorifying youth of color and low economic background?

The answer to all of the above can be summed up in four words – The Miramar Air Show!

Did you know that 10% of Blue Angels pilots have been killed in accidents? Did you know that Miramar jets have already crashed into San Diego neighborhoods.  Did you know that the cost of these shows is millions and millions of dollars just for the fuel.

There is no purpose of this show.  Yes, it is popular, but it has no purpose except to show a variety of explosions and fires, which some people think is exciting.

It has no purpose except to allow children to handle guns, get in tanks, and play “soldier.” The thought that they might get to “kill” someone is certainly not what I want my children, or grandchildren to emulate and learn by going to the Miramar Air Show, scheduled for September 27-29.

Local veterans of all five services of the military are “bannering” to stop people from attending this advent.

And, if you want still more information about this ongoing education outreach, to interview veterans and/or obtain veteran speakers, please contact Vietnam Veteran Paul Ross and 1-619-648-7807 or at Parosslan@gmail.com .

I won’t be there to see the propaganda spewed forth by the Miramar Air Show. I hope you won’t be there either.